Not Your Average End User

but rather a teenage geek with a fondness for computers, politics, and tinkering A Cat Fact Delivery Service

Instead of getting a full night’s sleep before a week of classes, I decided to write a python script that sends cat facts to a list of ~friends~ logged in to our university’s server.

At least, they were friends when I added them to this list :^)

Gobby on OSX

The gobby download page somewhat unhelpfully states that “Gobby runs on Mac OS X, however we cannot offer a pre-built package at the moment.”

Someone’s compiled it and thrown it into brew’s repository, though.

brew install homebrew/gui/gobby

Install XQuartz (local X server on OSX, as far as I’ve gathered).

Find gobby’s executable on your machine (probably /usr/local/Cellar/gobby) and open it in XQuartz (right click, Open With > XQuartz)

How to Change Your Tmux Prefix

I couldn’t find a satisfactorily quick answer for this with a google search, so here it is plain.

Create a .tmux.conf in your home directory. Add the following to the file:

unbind-key C-b
set -g prefix C-a
bind-key C-a send-prefix

Google Tour

I led a group of students to a tour at Google’s Chicago office after school one day.

Raspberry Pi: NES-PC

To wrap up an old loose end with a friend, I finished building an NES-themed media center PC built around a Raspberry Pi.