Curious, once again, what voice to use where.

Wanting to know precisely the correct time, socially, for a drink, and precisely what the adverse health effects are.

Thanksgiving in Chicago November. Gym with Jose.

CCC at end of 2023.

SF for two weeks in January.

ethdenver at the end of February.

  • goals: learn the crypto industry
  • learn how the convos happen

Working in novel fields means getting good quick at learning the techniques of the specific field.

SRE seems like a skillset worth learning for sure. It’s been nice to observe internally the different professional competencies.

March now briefly in Denver. Somewhat unplanned, this month?

April, Ola to Berlin.

April 8-19, Feytopia.

Suggestion for a next meeting w/ Adrian – what does the next months of the org look like?

May 24-26, ethberlin.

June 26-30, toorcamp / orcas.

This industry broadly seems to allow you a lot of latitude to go wherever you want. But it’s very tricky to talk about at all.

Mako and Alan warned against narcissism and obsession with money in San Francisco.

I think if I go to SF I likely rent a place in Temescal, because of the promixity of friends.