While at UIUC, I worked with the Network Security Research Group under Michael Bailey as an undergraduate researcher. I was also the head of SIGPwny, UIUC’s undergraduate security club, and DDRIllini, a rhythm game club. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to make the clubs approachable and friendly; they saw considerable growth during my time there.

I’ve had a lot of professional/life interests over the years, but they’ve changed a lot through school. Here is a list of things that I have considered going into for my career:

  • civic tech, policy work, and voting machines
  • automated exploit generation (fuzzing, symbolic execution)
  • networks (routers and firewalls, reverse engineering them)
  • social network design (from cryptography primitives and from the perspective of abuse)
  • information security and user privacy (whether my own or for entire systems)
  • virtual reality (broadly, video games as storytelling tools)

I grew up in Chicago to a Polish-American family, which inspired an early interest in languages and international affairs. My father is a local business owner and village trustee, so being involved in local communities has always been an important part of my life.

I play dance games for fun and fitness — specifically on an In The Groove 2 (ITG) cabinet running StepMania 5 that I used to maintain. I led the planning of a 130+ attendee, internationally-attended tournament for two years.

I grew up on a diet of science fiction. Some of my favorites include Accelerando (Charles Stross), Dune (Frank Herbert), Ready Player One (Ernest Cline) (it’s not perfect but it holds a special place in my heart) and Evidence, The Last Question, and The Last Answer (Isaac Asimov). Asimov has always inspired a wonder for what humanity can be. I’ve also enjoyed a lot of Cory Doctorow’s writing and speaking.

My email is first initial last name AT gmail and you can find me on most services as ian5v or ianklatzco.


The first and only time I’ve ever seen Ian angry was when someone mentioned SystemVerilog.