a continuation of this post on building OpenITG

This closes one of the oldest issues on our issue tracker, which was nearly a year old!

The Problem

Stepmania 5 doesn’t support a lot of older content (namely couples and mods). Our cabinet runs both SM5 and the older version, 3.95, but swapping between the two requires running a script, which is only accessible to clubmembers with ssh access.

The Solution

Amazon dash buttons and the amazon-dash python package. Attached them behind the machine, and the cabinet’s users can now switch between versions.

The Process

  • Wrote scripts (one and two).
  • Setup config file for amazon-dash.
  • Symlinked amazon-dash config file to home directory. ln -s /etc/amazon-dash.yml ~
  • Set amazon-dash to run now & on startup (sudo systemctl start amazon-dash, sudo systemctl enable amazon-dash)
  • Some debugging.

Thanks to Geon for helping me out with it!