Oscar came up with a nice DDRIllini logo.


Animated (refresh if it stops, I messed with the gif)


Started from ScreenInit\ decorations/default.lua, which animates the collection of rainbow arrows when SL boots up.

From Daikyi:

InitCommand will happen during the loading of the specific screen the actor
is on. Guaranteed to run (in no guaranteed order) before any oncommand is

OffCommand runs when there is a screen transition.
some screens when transitioning from one to the other however have no
transition time

OnCommand: executed on load of screen, after init commands have run and
assets are loaded.

LoadActor looks like it’s concatenating tables, which is really weird to me. Lua has a construct called metatables and another called metamethods. Basically, operator overloads for table methods. So you can overload concatenation (..) for tables. See this for an example.

Problem: Trying to LoadActor within a for loop, within an ActorFrame

Failed attempt: For loop inside a Def.ActorFrame

Solution: For loop wrapping a LoadActor and appending to the main ActorFrame table for the given Lua file.

local ddrillini_letters = { 'd_1', 'd_2', 'r', 'i_1', 'l_1', 'l_2', 'i_2', 'n', 'i_3' }

for i=1,9 do
    af[#af+1] = Def.ActorFrame {
        LoadActor("ddrillini/" .. ddrillini_letters[i] .. ".png") .. {
            InitCommand=function(self) self:x(2):zoom(0.7):shadowlength(0.75) end,
            OffCommand=function(self) self:linear(0.5):shadowlength(0) end

It’s up on our GitHub.