In January 2022, I moved to Berlin and led a team of 5 to build:

  • A VR puzzle competition connected to a real-life fishtank via submersible webcam video stream designed to teach binary reverse engineering

Why did I build this?

Well, I moved to Berlin in the winter and decided that I wanted to start a company, so I opted to spend 10-14h/day speaking Japanese instead of going outside.


The Japanese community is very robust, and VR is a wacky and zany place.You can learn a lot from people by listening and being interesting. Japanese VR users go hard. They build incredibly complex, useful software. I think there might be a benefit to growing up in a high-density visual information environment.

I flew out a cosplayer friend from Chicago (Berlin winter plane tix are super cheap) and had them fabricate the virtual and physical landscapes.

I learned…… how to go extremely hard to get a project off the ground, the dangers of alternate social realities, C# reverse engineering, Berlin craft store layouts…. and had a great time.

Some months later, I went and spent a day with some of my Japanese friends in Tokyo. There’s a lot more information transmitted in real life than there is in VR. Tokyo’s very overstimulating! But luckily my friends guided me around. One even pivoted from a psychology undergrad into being a C# programmer! Ganbatte.