A few PEDA commands are undocumented (on the first page of the GitHub repo, there’s more useful help in help). Here are my notes.

There are a bunch of useful aliases at the bottom of the file.

stack n

Prints n words off the stack.


Type context to re-print what usually prints at a breakpoint (registers, code, stack).

Built-in exploit code

gdb-peda$ help skeleton
Generate python exploit code template
    skeleton type [file]
        type = argv: local exploit via argument
        type = env: local exploit via crafted environment (including NULL byte)
        type = stdin: local exploit via stdin
        type = remote: remote exploit via TCP socket

Skip over certain functions (alarm)

gdb-peda$ help deactive
Bypass a function by ignoring its execution (eg sleep/alarm)
    deactive function
    deactive function del (re-active)